26th Nordic Congress of Gerontology in Odense, Denmark, June 8–10, 2022

CHANGE and CONTINUITY – call for abstracts.
Delegate registration is now open! Follow the program, register, and submit at www.26NKG.dk

We invite you to the 26th Nordic Congress of Gerontology in Odense, Denmark, June 8–10, 2022.

On behalf of the Danish Society of Gerontology, the Danish Geriatric Society, and the Nordic Gerontological Federation, we invite you to join the 26th Nordic Congress of Gerontology (NKG) to share our engagement in ageing and later life.

Life is about change and continuity. We experience ourselves and our surroundings differently throughout life. For most people, later life is often characterized by major transitions, moving towards frailty and multiple losses – but it may also be a part of life with more time to engage in preferred activities, explore new possibilities, and come to terms with or embrace new challenges. The corona pandemic proved to be a challenge to the world beyond imagination, particularly to frail and vulnerable people and societies. However, it has also given us valuable new insights and reminded us of the values in life.

On behalf of the organizers, we invite professionals, scholars, policy makers, and companies to explore questions of change and continuity in the perspective of ageing and later life. Plenary lectures, symposia, oral sessions, posters, and exhibitions will reflect themes from a multitude of gerontological and geriatric topics, particularly:
 Digitisation and technology – Housing, generations and mobility – Lifestyle, engagement and transition – Education and competences in ageing societies – Morbidity, medical treatment and ageing processes – A good life and a good death.

We welcome presentations and discussions to address perspectives that have major impact on societies and future generations: Citizen perspective, Ethnicity, Inequality, Sustainability and ecology, The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

The congress will give you a chance to get to know Odense, the enchanting city of Hans Christian Andersen – just an hour by train from Copenhagen. The new venue, Odeon, is situated in charming cobble stone streets a few steps from the poet’s house and museum. Part of the city has recently been reconstructed into easily accessed cultural and shopping districts, not to mention the parks along the river and the new, recreational harbour area. Change and Continuity!

Looking forward to greeting you in Odense in 2022,

Jette Thuesen, President

Pia Nimann Kannegaard, Secretary General

#gerontology #geriatrics

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